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Intranet site broke after it was added to F-secure Trusted Sites

Tsughan MyAccount Posts: 1 Security Scout



Little backstory: We have intranet built on Sharepoint 2007. Normally when you edit a page in sharepoint you have to check in/save/discard the page after you are done. When the user clicks save, discard etc buttons then the browser(tested with Firefox, IE) keeps loading and loading like forever until the TCP/IP protocol resets the connection.When I looked from the Wireshark log I noticed that the connection is ok for a while but suddenly the TCP Window decreases to zero which leads to TCP ZeroWindow (TCP Buffer is full


Solution: The problem was solved after we REMOVED the http://intranet from the F-secure Trusted Sites.

(I am not the main user of our F-secure management server so I dont know the real terms and menus which I refer to but I know that there is a place in the management software where you can set Trusted Sites for a set of computers.)


So why on earth some functions in our intra totally broke after adding the site to the Trusted Sites? Is this some bug in F-software? Or maby in the Sharepoint?


  • Peter
    Peter W/ Alumni Posts: 127 Threat Terminator



    I believe we need more information to proceed with investigating this particular issue, please create a support ticket.


    Thank you.


  • suntattood
    suntattood MyAccount Posts: 14 Security Scout

    I am curious what when on with this case. Any update? image

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