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Quarantine Query: Buttons/Functions not working anymore

zwp-secure W/ Member Posts: 24 Cyber Knight

Hi everybody,


we have Email and Server Security 12.00 build 502, Hoftfix 1 installed, running on Windows Server 2008 R2.


From today, 2017-02-20, we cannot access the quarantine-query functions anymore. The query windows opens and the items show up, but the buttons (e.g. "Release", "Delete" etc.) do not work anymore.


Things we tried already: different Webbrowsers (incl. on the server itself), deleted browser history, restarted F-Secure Services, rebooted the whole server. No unusual entries in the Windows- and F-Secure logs.


This is very urgent because we need to release some messeges from quarantine. Can someone help?



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