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Malfunction error after change PM to new server - URGENT

Arsjupiter W/ Alumni Posts: 46 Security Scout

Dear CC Team !

We are using Business Suite product, before we have installed PM to server A, but just now we change, we remove the PM on server A and reinstall PM to server B with the same customer number


the installation on server B is completed, but after we do it all  F-secure client security in my company display Malfunction error in my image attached


i have created the ticket support number xxxx and submit fsdiag file but no hotfix for us till now.


Pls help me to check this issue and feedback asap

Thank you !F-Secure.jpgmalfunction



  • Arsjupiter
    Arsjupiter W/ Alumni Posts: 46 Security Scout

    Dear support team !

    allow me to explain more detail for our case now.

    We have installed PM to server A and deploy to client and using normally


    because we have demand to change the server PM from A to new server (called B) so we have follow those step to do

    1. Remove F-Secure software in all clients

    2. Remore PM software on server A

    3. Install PM software on server B => then deploy installation file to install in client normally

    4. install F-Secure client security from installation file export from server B


    => but the client have malfunction error above as my image, pls help to check and guide us how to do it correctly


    Thank you !

  • Laksh
    Laksh W/ Alumni Posts: 237 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hi Arsjupiter,


    I have highlighted about your post to the respective case. Kindly followup with the case and provide further information once the agent sends reply for further troubleshooting.

  • Vad
    Vad W/ Alumni Posts: 1,069 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hello Arsjupiter,


    Without fsdiags from new PM and one of affected clients it's hard to say what may be wrong in your case.

    For example, you may forget to specify SRS server(s) addresses in new PM, if you have Offload Scanning Agent module in use in your CS installations.


    Best regards,


  • Arsjupiter
    Arsjupiter W/ Alumni Posts: 46 Security Scout

    Thank you for your reply, i have submitted fsdiag in the ticket support already.


    in current we are trying to do it again. Use the uninstallation tool of F-Secure to remove PM software in the new server and in client also. then reinstall from beginning


    will let you know if we have any update


    thank you

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