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F secure installation loop

Mike MyAccount Posts: 3 Security Scout

Im trying to install "F-Secure PSB Workstation Security 9.00 build 149" on one of my users computers (windows 7 SP1), all previous installations have gone fine. On this installation, when it gets to the screen where it says "removing conflicting software" it does so, and then says it needs to restart . It says it was successful and does not return an error. After i restart, it goes back to removing conflicting software/success/needs to restart. It has done this 20 times. I look in add/remove programs and the previous f secure versions and its addons were not uninstalled correctly and it says the installation was corrupted. So now i am stuck in this installation loop and without virus software. I tried manual removal/removing from startup and installing again/removal of previous installations from the regestry to no avail. Help.


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