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ravi12 W/ Alumni Posts: 57 Security Scout

Hi to all,


In FSPM console, When we configure backup then the default backup location is \ProgramFiles\F-Secure\Management Server 5\data\backup.


Can we configure the FSPM server in that way that the backup should restore in another server  drive. If this can be possible the please advise the steps to be followed for configuration. It will save the disk space size of our main server and process will be automated for transferring the backup to other server.

Please give some solutions


  • ravi12
    ravi12 W/ Alumni Posts: 57 Security Scout

    Thanks for the support. We changed the path to the other drive in the local server and succeed. 


    Is it possible to give path of both local server drive and other server drive(Backup Server) in same network, so that backup can be automatically shifted to other server drive in same Network.

  • A_Grinkevitch
    A_Grinkevitch W/ Partner, W/ Staff, W/ Product Leadership Posts: 169 W/ Product Leadership

    No, you can specify only one backup location and there might be problems with accessing network drives from Local Service account. Better to use some external script to transfer backups from local to network drives.

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