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Proxy Update Server

ravi12 W/ Alumni Posts: 57 Security Scout

We are managing approx 50000 clients  from 06 FSPM console with our own intranet. Clients and servers are located at different locations and we are managing all clients centrally by taking the FSPM servers on remotelly.


When we push the definition update, our FSPM server hangs due to the loads from the clients. For that we are thinking for Using of proxy server for definition update. We tried the same for trail period but we cannot succeed. We are missing some steps.Please describe the steps for configuration of Proxy Update Server....

1. What setting to be done in Main Policy Manager Server in Advance view

2.What setting to be done in Proxy update server.

3.What package to be installed as we have installed 2.11.





  • Ben
    Ben W/ Alumni Posts: 664 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hello Ravi12,


    Did you already review this article regarding setting up PM as a proxy node?

    I also sent you a private message to further assist you on this problem.

  • james26318
    james26318 W/ Alumni Posts: 40 Security Scout

    @ my company, we have 2500 hosts of Clients and Servers with 7 locations. We updated our Policy Manager to  new version fspm-12.40.81151 with Clients fscs-12.31.105 and Servers fsss-12.11.103


    All staffs needed to get here to support some problems and maybe email or call the designated support on its locations - the same I get support here and i'm thankful on them. 


    :.what specific details you have now or what version? ..maybe I can help you with it.  

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