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cs 9.1-9.3 problem with vmware view 5

baba MyAccount Posts: 4 Security Scout


i'm implementing a vmware view's infrastructure.

Randomly the vmware client disconnect. I don't know if it depends from antivirus (all service enabled), but if i disable the application's control the VM (windows 7 VDA SP1) is freezing...

Any ideas? I have create a firewall rule that allow all ip traffic in my network but nothing change.



  • MJ-perComp
    MJ-perComp W/ Alumni Posts: 669 Firewall Master

    Where did you install F-secure? What version?

    How exactly does the infrastructure look like?


    Are you sure that F-Secure is the problem?


    please deactivate one module after an other to find the responsible one.


    I recommend to open a support-ticket.



  • baba
    baba MyAccount Posts: 4 Security Scout

    I have installed 9.31 and i used both linked clone pool and static pool

    I have tried to completly remove antivirus from one VM and now it doesn't disconnect... it is connected from 5 hour.. with the antivirus VM disconnect after 1 or 2 hours...

  • nayan007
    nayan007 MyAccount Posts: 7 Security Scout

    Please get in touch with the technical support team and they will assist you in thir best possible ways

  • baba
    baba MyAccount Posts: 4 Security Scout

    Now i'm opening a ticket.

    The problem is in Application Control.... If I uninstall the internet shield all seems to work good...

  • baba
    baba MyAccount Posts: 4 Security Scout

    New hting...

    i've configured Application Control to accept al request without ask... the client now connect BUT... if i open the application control's option (modify or not modify the settings), click ok, after few minutes (2 or 3) the client disconnect....

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