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F-Secure Policy Manager - Access from Laptop / Desktop

YoinkZ W/ Alumni Posts: 22 Security Scout



I was wonderring - right now I have a Virtual Server with F-Secure Policy Manager installed. It hosts all the Policies and updates for all my clients.


That means - everytime I need to change settings, I have to do a RDP session to that server and then open the program and make the changes. Currently when logging on to the Policy Manager it asks for the "ServerAddress" (using localhost).


I then thought - why not install the Policy Manager Console, on my Laptop, so I can do the changes directly without RDP'ing to the Server. I can't get it working using the FQDN - it just refused with the "Cannot connect to the server:

Check that the host name and port number are correct. Port number 8080 is used by default.


What am I doing wrong - or is this not even possible?



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