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Dameware Mini Remote Control is being blocked in Firewall

YoinkZ W/ Alumni Posts: 22 Security Scout

Hi all,


I'm having a problem with my F-Secure Firewall blocking the access of using Dameware.

Currenly we are running on version 9 64-bit, and the default port is set to 6129.


So I've tried disabling the Firewall in our Policy Manager for the two computers that I'm playing with.

That works! When I enable the Firewall, it fails.


So what I've done so far is:

1. Created a Firewall Service named Dameware, marked TCP (6), set initiator port >1023, added responder ports 6129, 6130, 6131, 6132, 6133 and finally chosen Other well-known TCP services (6000). No extra filtering.

2. I've then on "mynetwork under Firewall rules added the service and set it to <=>. I did also add the HTTPS, not sure if that was recommended, but the ports was what I found here:


What am I missing here?



  • YoinkZ
    YoinkZ W/ Alumni Posts: 22 Security Scout
    Kind of embarrassed here!
    I did make sure both machines were updated with the edited policy and it didn't work.

    But now suddenly it works Smiley Frustrated... So I will use your solution next time, then I can see what's getting dropped. I guess I could also see in there what port is being blocked and then allow it if needed.

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