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Importing AD Structure after changes

Mike_B W/ Alumni Posts: 8 Security Scout


I need to do some long overdue housekeeping on our Policy Manager. after upgrading it today.


We don't have any automatic rules set up for updating Policy Manager with changes to the AD Structure, so the new OUs we've created (and moved hosts to) are not showing up in Policy Manager.


I did a manual import of the AD Structure today and Policy Manager has picked up the new OUs, but not the hosts inside them.


The hosts are still showing in the policy domains they used to be in on Policy Manager. I was hoping that when I did a manual import, policy manager would pick up the changes and move the hosts to the new containers to reflect the changes made in our AD.


So we have a bunch of containers which no hosts in


Any idea how I can begin to sort this mess out!? Lol




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