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How do i deploy SAFE for Android for a larger number of users

AlmostUman W/ Alumni Posts: 5 Security Scout



This is probably a  very stupid question but how could I deploy in _an easy way_ SAFE for Android for hundreds of users?


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Almost Uman



  • AlmostUman
    AlmostUman W/ Alumni Posts: 5 Security Scout

    Thanks MJ-perComp!


    I am though a bit sceptical about the cloud based solution(PSB) because I would like to have more transparency  in how user data is handled and shared in the 'cloud' - a security certification, for example.


    But this seem to be the only solution for business use offered by F-Secure?



  • MJ-perComp
    MJ-perComp W/ Alumni Posts: 669 Firewall Master

    While I hate the word cloud is this context, there is nothing different "in the cloud" from SAFE. The main difference is that YOU get access to the data, and YOU are able to tweak settings for your users.


    No F-Secure product shares user's data to anyone. Some products allow uploading a suspicious file to F-Secure's servers, but that is surely not shared in a cloud.


    "The F-Secure Security Cloud" (to name it that way) contains meta information on specific files based on hashes. the Application can qickly ask the Servers "is the file OK to use?". And the servers will answer,

    Yes, well known, ok to use,
    No, known to be dangerous

    Not sure, 10 others already asked, analysis in progress.


    reaction on the last would be user defined (or in PSB configured by admin ).


    There are no secrets and privacy statements are online. BTW: If you do not trust your security vendor to propperly handle privacy, you better not use that.

    There are 30 day Trials available, contact your F-Secure Partner or us (see below).

  • AlmostUman
    AlmostUman W/ Alumni Posts: 5 Security Scout

    Thanks for your comments, MJ-perComp!


    For me "Cloud" means IT systems managed by somebody else, beyond

    your control.  Although all cloud providers say that your data is perfectly

    secure in their cloud, there is IMO little  transparency to Cloud services.

    Companies has to undergo financial audits but still only few companies

    obtain security certifications trough third part auditors.  Google, Amazon

    MS did, probably due trust issues.


    For security vendors trust and transparency is of course extremly important,

    just claiming that you can be trusted is not enough, IMO.


    I recommend the movie about Edward Snowden for everybody ! Btw, there

    were just a court order for google to disclose the data of an european customer.


    I will read through F-Secure privacy policies, thanks for the hint.


  • Näsäviisas
    Näsäviisas W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Firewall Master
    An excellent writing AlmostUman!
    You have waked to the real world.
    And it is not nice.
    What is a privacy and its limits?
    WWW= world wide web!
    A person in WWW.
    Your business somewhere in internet.
    How to secure firms operation?
    I understand, big things.
    But it is easier, if you remember, to handle your own business (firm etc.) and your private (family) privacy & security.
    And if these things begin to stress, relax with hobbies!
    And F-Secure helps!

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