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F-Secure PSB Workstation - License Problems

Muggy W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout



We are using F-secure on all our clients in our company, about 70 machines total. 

We are experiencing problems regarding our license, which we cannot solve alone. 


Whenever we install F-secure on a new Windows client, it works fine. The license gets approved by the program and all is at it should be. 

But if i were to remove F-secure again, and then reinstall the program on the same Windows client, with the same license it will not approve it. 


The first thing i dit was to make sure, when i had removed F-secure, i also removed the machine from the list of devices that it is installed on, via the PSB1 Portal. Then i reinstalled F-secure but the problem still persisted, and still does today.


And now we have several machines which cannot be activated with out license. 

How do we solve this? 


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