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Dear Sir,


Download all udpated one side then other all system udpate from local netowrk ?


How can i configure this ?




  • Ben
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    could you give us more details about your setup I am not sure to understand your request?

    Do you want a possibility to download the updates and apply them on a isolated environment?

  • imrantoooo
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    yes i want isolated network environment.


    how can i configure isolated network enviroment and  why system usage go high after the installation of f secure application ?

  • etomcat
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    >how can i configure isolated network enviroment


    F-Secure PSB is a "network cloud based" solution, which is by definition not suitable for isolation!


    In case of isolated corporate or institutional environments, only the differently licensed "F-Secure Business Suite" (F-Secure Policy Manager for centralized management and F-Secure Client Security for endpoint protection ) can be used effectively.


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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