Improvements to API


we are using automatically provisioned servers in our environment, which creates problems as all started servers reserves own license each time those are restarted. For this I created a powershell which looks for devicename which are same in PSB portal and picks up the biggest id number and delete others from portal. For these type of events I have couple feature requests:

1. API computer search should return atleast count + computer id, not only number of founded objects.

2. Computer report, should include id in the list.

3. Would it be possible to see in the future the computer uid which is available in server/workstation side also in portal + we could use combination ot the latest uid and the server name to delete old objects through API.

4. Create computer, this is just emailing how about possibility to register new computers?

5. It is in possible to identify unknown computers, why registration doesn't include the computer name?

6. Computers report: csv report header has two column headers with the same name(atleast in finnish) virustentorjunta. This causes issues when trying to manipulate data with powershell. I can make workaround, but it would be better to unique headers.


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