How to filter or exclude particular malware names from the Infections list in the F-Secure PSB webpo

Dear Sirs,


Is it possible to enter the F-Secure PSB portal (SoP account) web interface, visit the Reports page / Infections list and click on a malware name there and somehow select or set that I don't want to see any further alerts with a particular malware name? For example I wish I would not see any more alerts in the web interface for "Application.Hacktool.KMSActivator" detections.

(Apparently many of the hungarian schools are using a "pirate" method called "KMS Pico" to activate Windows, despite actually having access to valid, free to use Microsoft licences via a publicly funded programme... F-Secure PSB detects the KMS as a hacking tool. I cannot do anything about that situation, since I'm not the schools' syasmin and don't even have working contact info to many of the end users.)

Yet, I don't want to see those alerts about KMS, because there are a myriad of them and they clog the PSB web interface, drowning out the actual security incident alerts from view, which is a potentially dangerous situation. I think it is too cumbersome to e-mail a summary list from the web interface and filter that ex post facto in Excel or similar, all the time.


Thanks for your kind attention, Yours Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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