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Software updater: questions

xwim W/ Alumni Posts: 13 Security Scout

Hi, I have few questions regarding the software updater option which is available on psb. Do you have maybe link to the more extensive documentation about software updater on psb?

I have found only :


Schedule of the automatic fixes:


If for example we have set up automatic updates at 10 o’clock, is it means that at 10 o ‘clock updates will start at every hosts? If  one of the host will not be activated update will start right after the computer start?

If I have more than one update in which order are they installed?


If I do manual software upgrade tasks, will they be launched as soon as I send the task from the console?

Have you experienced that the software updater has offered some update, for example skype or microsoft, and after checking the host, it turned out that the new version of skype is already installed on the host, and windows says that there are no new patches to install?


  • fedool
    fedool W/ Staff, W/ Article Coordinator Posts: 162 W/ Staff



    As for scheduling it you set up automatic updates installation at 10 o'clock it means that at 10 o'clock installation will be started at all computers. If computer is switched off at that time the installation will not happen and will not be started right after the computer starts. It will be started on the next scheduled installation round.


    If you have more than one update to install the installation order is random in general, in fact the installation order is the same as patches listed in reported returned by scanning engine but there's no gurantee of any order or so.
    Note that only patches can be installed automatically where as Service Packs can be installed manually only because for Service Pack installation the order matters.

    I am not really sure what do you mean by "console" but if you talk about PSB portal the manual upgrade task will be started as soon as possible. It means that when you create a task it will be delivered to the computer "immediately" and started as soon as it was delivered. Nevertheless you should take into account all issues with communication channels. The host maybe disconnected at the moment when the task is created or communication can be slow and it will take some time to deliver the task to the host. Another thing which may cause the delay is host itself. There can be another installation happening at the moment and the task will be postponed to the end of the current installation or host may require rebbot after some other installation and the task will be postponed till reboot.


    The situation you describe with different information about updates on client and portal is quite possible due to the same communication issues. The status is delivered to the portal as soon as possible. It means that if at some point client cannot deliver status to portal the next try will be at any status change or once every 12 hours. So there can be delays. When you check status at portal it can be not the latest in some curcumstances. Moreover if updates installed, for example, by Windows Updates the Software Updater will run the next scan only on the reboot (if that option enabled) or once a day so there can be delays in updates of missing patches list.



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