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Install software updates in EMEA portal

Mus3n W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout


Working as an IT-consult and we have alot of companies in the emea portal. When I am looking in the EMEA portal and I get information that alot of companies have some Critical Security updates that needs to be installed.
I go in to the company, mark the computer, choose to install updates. And all it says after that is "Downloading update package".

Doesn't the portal work ? I've tried on my own computer. Installed Java, Keepass, Firefox 60.0.0. But nothing more happens? What is the procedure?

Does anyone else have this "problem"?


  • ssamppa
    ssamppa W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout



    Yes we see this issue often. F-secure has updater issues constantly....
    Btw. are your clients Microsoft Intune managed?

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