Current Client Version PSB2 for Workstations/CP?

Per my portal i can download 12.01.293_PSB2.


Per the website: F-Secure Computer Protection 17.1


Per/PSB/latest/installer/PSBInstallerPSB2.exe it's 18.5


Also for the latter, I only see 4 profiles available & none of them show on my profiles section to make copies/adaptations of. 








  • PetriKuikka
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    as we are in the the middle of migrating customers from old architecure based Workstation Security 12.01 to new Computer Protection architecture, this is at the moment bit confusing. This old 12.01 version is only getting security and other critical fixes, but we are not developing it further.


    First of all, we have given our partners the possibility to decide how they want to offer the newer  version to their customers. So some have already given Computer Protection for their customers and some haven't.


    Which web site are you referring for the 17.1 version? 18.5 is the latest Computer Protection version. You can find latest release information for Computer Protection from this thread


    I don't fully understand what you mean by the last sentence. Could you clarify this bit more, please?




  • rfc1925
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    Ok, thank you very much.


    Per 17.1 - On this page if you click on "For Protection Service for Business," 17.1 is what's shown at the top of the page. 


    The profiles i see available for my 18.5 clients:

    profiles for 18.5


    Is that limitation by my reseller? 

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    thanks for the detailed location for 17.1. We need to change this somehow as the Computer Protection version maybe even get weekly updates to new versions where  the version number changes. And main version is no-a-days just the year number :). All 17.1 are already upgraded to 18.5 automatically.


    And for the profiles it really looks like you don't have Computer Protection yet enabled. Most likely if you go to Profiles page, you won't see own Computer Protection profiles -tab there either. So this is the limitation by reseller. We will be starting to provide migrations and channel upgrades to all resellers now, but to get it available immediately makes sense to check with your reseller.



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