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Trouble with Management API

Asernx W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout



I am attempting to initiate an endpoint operation via the management api using postman:



I receive the above error "InvalidParameter" for a parameter called "operations". I am not sure where this is located in the enumerations for this URL, but I am having some trouble getting over this bump. Is it referring to the URL, if so, how do I resolve this issue? I would like to build a script to initiate operations like these if endpoints meet a specified criteria. I am new to API development work, but I have been able to figure out most of the documentation. I am performing the POST method exactly how I would to receive the Auth token. Any thoughts?



  • NiklasN
    NiklasN W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout



    It looks like you are sending query parameters i.e. as a part of the URL when they should be in the HTTP body as JSON instead.


    Try again by removing the query parameters (everything after ? in the URL) and instead put the parameters as a JSON object in the body (in Postman click Body next to Headers and then use the raw mode to directly write JSON in the text field). The JSON should look like the endpoint operation documentation you already linked.


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