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CP overload computers with their processes (F-Secure Host Process )


I have evidenced in several computers the overload of the system by the processes of F-Secure affecting the memory (consuming from 100MB up to a limit of 250MB).
Also it happens to me with the disk that when initiating the system the process of F-Secure Host Process is consumed to the 100% the disk and doesn't lower this consumption until spending a lot of time and it is not possible to work in the affected computers, also there are others in those who never lower this consumption and we have to disable the antivirus because otherwise we can't work.


Starting the system:


After a long time the f-secure process doesn't consume the entire disk but continues to consume a lot of memory:


So my question is: is it normal for F-Secure processes to consume so much memory (There are computers with 2GB of RAM and it affects them too much) and also when starting the system to consume the disk at 100% for so long time?...


  • fedool
    fedool W/ Staff, W/ Article Coordinator Posts: 162 W/ Staff



    Computer Protection contains a database of all known viruses and it's huge. There are tens of thousands of new viruses coming every day so it takes space to keep information about all of them. We are constantly trying to optimize our memory consumption but it cannot be lower than this database (which is not 100Mb, 100Mb you see is only active part, rest is swiped out while not needed).

    During reboot we load all components and databases from disk - that's why it eats lot of disk IO and memory. And if you did not reboot for long time, you have a good chance to get also big database update at the same time which triggers reload of databases.


    It's all should calm down in seconds (or tens of seconds) on powerful machines and does not eat 100% of disk io or CPU but on more low end computers it definitely affects boot performance - that's a cost of constant protection.


    If it's a problem for you, and you are ready to sacrifice protection for some time, you could try to optimize it by configuring all F-Secure services to be manually started and start them later after reboot with some script.

  • EvolusieSopT1
    EvolusieSopT1 W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout

    Hi! Thanks for answering.

    The problem is that most of our computers are not powerful machines so this high disk consumption affects them too much and in terms of ram there are some that have only 2GB and affects performance.

    We also have no knowledge in the development of scripts, so we would like to know if you can provide us this script that you say could work for us..

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