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Some machines showing "Waiting for Connection" and some nothing at all

afrost W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout



In the F-Secure PSB Online Portal (, some machines in the devices list show "Waiting for Connection" (see attached: 1) in the Overall Protection column. I'd imagine when working correctly these should show "Protected" with a green dot instead of blue, like the others on the list. 


In addition to this some devices show nothing at all in the Overall Protection column (see attached: 2) - why might this be?


Thank you.





  • milka
    milka W/ Alumni Posts: 22 Junior Protector

    Would you mind sharing what company these computers belong to so that it's easier for me to find the same view you're looking at?

  • afrost
    afrost W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout

    Hi Milka - we are Compio Limited.

  • PetriKuikka
    PetriKuikka W/ Member Posts: 236 Threat Terminator



    we have deployed the new release to all EMEA portals and to AMER portal and based on cases we know this problem is now fixed, once those devices send the next full status update (happens once every 24h). You can speed this process by applying this operation from portal to problematic devices.


    For APAC portal this release will be rolled next week.



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