Trial of F-secure PSB


We just started to test F-secure for business and have couple questions.

  1. Can change profile setting in the trial version?
  2. What is better for office PC Computer Protection Work Station security?
  3. Why if I install Work Station security in-dashboard PC with installed Work Station security have empty Overall protection field?
  4. Are there any solutions to deploy F-secure via AD GPO?
  5. Where can I find on what stadium is software Updates? Let's say have much software what needs to be updated, can I somewhere see how it's going?
  6. Can the software be only updated? Can't uninstall?
  7. Where can I find task scheduler? Let's say I want to scan all PC's every day at the same time how can I do it?


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  • Maksvell
    Maksvell Posts: 3 New Member

    Another Question

    If I choose to install the update for 7zip why f-secure don't install it?

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