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Open to a Itau folder through DeepGuard

AndreUnio W/ Alumni Posts: 3 Security Scout


I need to open an exception in DeepGuard to a program folder For users of a profile,
However, one exception I added is not working.

I need to make this change because F-Secure is blocking this Itaú mass and preventing the same
is a change for all users of a profile.

I made the following changes as it worked.

In the "Real-time scanning" menu in your profile, I adding the following rules in the
"DeepGuard Protection Rules".

- Itau Application \ central.exe
- Itau \ updater.exe application
- Itau Application \ rcv.exe

You have no profile, there is no menu "Checking in real time" in the option "DeepGuard" I entered without profile to make an email and went in the menu
"General Settings" and "Add Exclusion" added "% LocalAppData% \ Application Itau \".

My name is successful.

can anybody help me?

Thank you!

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