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Block a Setting in the Computer Protection (host)

carlos2285 W/ Alumni Posts: 7 Security Scout

Hi, I´m trying to block a setting in the Computer Protetion app, to all my hosts in the Network, from the portal in the specific Profile, but I can not find the button to block the follow option : "ADVANCED PROTECTION NETWORK", inside the menu FIREWALLS.


thanks for any help.


  • carlos2285
    carlos2285 W/ Alumni Posts: 7 Security Scout

    Hi, first of all, thanks for your atention, but I still can not Block the option that I need Smiley Sad, in the image bellow I show you the option with a red mark, I need to avoid  the users can  Block and Unblock that option called it " ADVANCE NETWORK PROTECTION"Imagen1.jpg



  • fedool
    fedool W/ Staff, W/ Article Coordinator Posts: 162 W/ Staff

    This option can be blocked only in latest versions (18.13+) but you seem to have 18.5 installed. We are going to open channel upgrade from 18.5 to latest version soon and then this option will be possible to block.


    You can as well reinstall Computer Protection manually right now (it will install 18.14) if you want to have it available right away.

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