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Migration to Computer Protection for company managed customers

ByteTeam W/ Alumni Posts: 26 Security Scout

This article gives an overview of the migration process from Workstation Security clients to Computer Protection clients. Workstation Security clients reach end of life by the 31st of March 2019.


This article is written for companies that manage their security themselves and that are under "F-Secure" Solution Provider.


Migration goals and benefits


The goals of the Computer Protection migration process are:

  • To automatically replace all Workstation Security clients to the latest Computer Protection clients.
  • To ensure that the upgrade is smooth and non-intrusive for end users. 
  • To keep the security settings (profiles) intact during the upgrade process.

Prior to the migration

We highly recommend that you delete unused Workstation Security profiles to avoid creating unnecessary profiles that would need to be deleted later.  


Stage 1: Profile migration


The migration process is composed of two stages:

  • Migrating the old profiles to the new profile format
  • Channel-upgrading the clients transparently


F-Secure initiates the profile migration process on behalf of the company. This is done on Monday 19th of November.


The company admin will be informed of the initialization of the migration via a banner (see picture below). You will also see the new Computer Protection profiles in the Profile section, and a new Channel upgrade tab in the Account page.


The date of the channel upgrade indicates when the clients themselves will be upgraded to the new version. The initial date is set to Monday 21st of January 2019 by F-Secure.


NOTE: The company admin should check if the channel upgrade date is suitable and modify it as needed as explained in stage 2.


After the profiles have been migrated, you will have one of the following two scenarios:


Scenario 1: A green banner on the homepage

All profiles are migrated successfully without issue. This notification is shown until the channel upgrade starts.

green banner.png 





Scenario 2: A blue banner on the homepage

All profiles are migrated successfully, but some profiles require review. This notification is shown until the channel upgrade starts.





NOTE: You should resolve these issues before the channel upgrade. This process is explained under What is a profile of conflicts? in the Computer Protection Migration post.


You can still proceed with the channel upgrade without resolving the conflicts, but the profiles may be inconsistent.


After profile migration, we strongly encourage you to:

  • Check the profiles that have been migrated and familiarize yourself with the new editor and its functionalities.
  • Check the default profile for your account as well as the security characteristics of this default profile.
  • Try assigning Computer Protection profiles to computers that are running the Computer Protection client.
  • Set the channel upgrade date to start as soon as possible because changes made to Workstation security profiles are not going to be transferred to the migrated Computer Protection profiles.


Stage 2: Channel upgrade


During this stage, your computers that have the Workstation Security client are upgraded silently (no banner or pop-up is shown to the end users, and no restart is required) to the Computer Protection client.



We strongly recommend that you change the channel upgrade date (21.01.2019) to an earlier one that suits your needs. This gives you enough time to handle the migration before EOL of Workstation Security.


You can find the Channel upgrade tab under your Accounts section.




Known security impacts of the channel upgrade


  • If Windows Firewall is disabled via Windows group policy due to using Workstation Security's own firewall, the upgrade to Computer Protection cannot enable Windows Firewall and devices are left without a firewall. The recommended action in such cases is: Prior to the channel upgrade, enable Windows Firewall via Windows group policy and configure the rules to pass all traffic.


  • ByteTeam
    ByteTeam W/ Alumni Posts: 26 Security Scout

    UPDATE: The migration will be triggered on the 20th of November.

  • ByteTeam
    ByteTeam W/ Alumni Posts: 26 Security Scout

    The European and Asian PSB instances have been updated. The American PSB instance migration will start from the 3rd of December.

    In total, about 3400 profiles were migrated. A bit less than 600 had conflicts, meaning that the companies' administrator should review them to verify that the migrated profiles are in line with their expectations.


    If there are no conflicts, or as soon as the conflicts are resolved, we recomment changing the channel upgrade date to the next day to upgrade the security clients.

    By default, the channel upgrade date is set for the 21st of January.

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