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Software updater enforces reboot without any notification

Naseweis W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout

On two machines users reported about a sudden shutdown and reboot. Looking into Windows event viewer I found that F-Secure software updater was the culprit (messages translated from German):


  • A Windows installer transaction will be started: C:\ProgramData\F-Secure\swup\deploy\LibreOffice_6.0.7_Win_x64.msi. Clientprozess-ID: 18908
  • There is a reboot necessary for Windows installer. Product name: LibreOffice Product version: 
  • The Windows installer initiated a reboot of the system, to finish the configuration of "LibreOffice" 

The user was away from the computer for just a minute. When he returned, the machine was rebooting. 

The user was in the middle of a research and he had lots of tabs and documents open. You may guess, how he liked it...


The second affected user was our boss... You guess it...


I already checked profile settings for CP, but all profiles use "ask user" and "force restart 12 hours".


There was an issue with older software versions (Workstation Security), when RDP sessions were reboots occured without any notice. This time all users had been sitting in front of their machines.


How could this happen and what can I do to prevent PSB from any un-notified reboot?



  • DmitriiEremin
    DmitriiEremin W/ Alumni Posts: 12 Security Scout

    Hi Naseweis,


    I can suggest you two options:

    1. Right now we have new version of software updater, try to update you product to the latest version and make a test.
    2. To figure out what's wrong I need more info. Could you please collect some information via our support tool (fsdiag) for your OS? You can find download link here: Once you collect more info, you can share a link to me via private messages on this forum.

    Best regards, Dmitrii.

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