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Profile assignment state: Pending (forever)

Profile assignment state: Pending forever. The mobile device shows that it is making connection. I have tried send status update 1000000 times. Nothing. The phone has been factory reset and everything reinstalled once. This takes hours and hours so not gonne be doing that again, because it doesnt help. There are no logs whatsoever on this platform for me to be able to debug, so gonna assume there's going to be an f-sec specialist looking into this. Or then at least some tools to analyze issues.


  • milka
    milka W/ Alumni Posts: 22 Junior Protector
    sorry, for the extremely late response. Apparently the support hasn't noticed your post before. We did have a few similar issues at the time when you reported your problem. Does the problem still exist? Can you provide the name of the company that owns the computer and possibly the ID of that computer? Computer ID is visible in the URL when you go to the Computer Details page (click the computer on the listing). The URL should look something like where '456' represents the ID that I'm interested in
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