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DataGuard problem

NO_Socialism W/ Alumni Posts: 3 Security Scout

Hi, I have a problem with Dataguard, when one host on the network open a file from File Server (from unit Z:) and make a changue in the file to then be able to save it in Desktop, we don´t know why Dataguard makes a block when I already made the exlusion,  then appear this message:



                                                               Don´t have permissions to save in this Location

                                                   ¿Would you like to save in Documents like alternative option?



  • SergeH
    SergeH W/ Partner, W/ Staff, W/ Product Leadership, W/ Article Coordinator Posts: 57 W/ Product Leadership


    Could you please fill a support request about it?

    We will probably need to check the exclusion in the profile as well as the fsdiag of the machine to understand the issue.


    Best regards,


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