Unable to Update F-Secure Clients

For some reason my clients are not updating. I also don't think I am getting correct information in the cloud panel about what updates are needed. For example, I might show 123 computers requiring critical updates so I select them all and apply the updates and I am advised that only 56 computers were assigned to update because the others were not missing updates. Then the updates don't apply anyway so the instructions are not being performed. How can I resolve this? 


This product is incredibly frustrating. It's a full-time commitment just to keep things working. 


  • Sethu Laks
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    Hello @RobM


    We need to check the error message from fsaua.logs in order to take you right direction. Typically, we ask our customer to allow the URLs for Ivanti's Software Updater according to this article.



  • RobM
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    So where do I find the fsaua.logs?

  • Sethu Laks
    Sethu Laks Posts: 125 Moderator

    Hello @RobM


    You can locate the fsaua logs for F-secure client security from below link.




    The best we would suggests you to contact our F-secure support team in order to analysis the logs and further investigation is required.

  • SergeH
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    There is also a bug that prevent all updates to be applied when software updates are pushed manually. 

    However, if you are using the scheduled software update (set in Computer Protection Profile/Software updater/automatic installation), it will update all the missing security update.


    We are of course working on fixing this issue.


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