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About displaying OS build numbers in Portal..

p1ntsel W/ Alumni Posts: 5 Security Scout

Back in december 2017 I asked about a possibility to show Windows build numbers in computer information column:


Then in may 2018 someone from F-Secure said, it was "prioritized" and should be available soon.


Well, it's 2019 now - is there any news about this or this feature is forgotten and buried? Operating system column still only shows "Windows 10 Professional 64-bit" which is absolutely useless Smiley Sad 


  • SergeH
    SergeH W/ Partner, W/ Staff, W/ Product Leadership, W/ Article Coordinator Posts: 57 W/ Product Leadership


    I apologize for the delay. The story was prioritized in May, but then we had to delay it due to the new Rapid Detection and Response service (that we have just launched). 

    It is still close to the top of the backlog and should be done relatively soon.


    With best regards,


    Serge Haumont

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