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PSB Portal - Devices - Scan - Stuck on "Waiting for delivery to the device"

Morney W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout



Quite new to the PSB portal with F-Secure, trying to scan a device that is registered, under the "Operations" tab for that device it shows a "Perform full computer scan" operation has been started, but the status just stays on "Waiting for delivery to the device".


How long should this take? 
Is there something I have done wrong is requesting the computer scan?


Hope this makes sense. 





  • milka
    milka W/ Alumni Posts: 22 Junior Protector
    Sorry for the super late response. We've recently had some issues in terms of processing responses from the client applications. In most cases they just took very long to process, but it's likely that a few responses were just totally lost, what could lead to a situation in which the state in the PSB portal shows "waiting for delivery to the device" forever, despite the fact that the command was successfully delivered... But I would love to take a closer look at your problem. Could you specify what company and what computer we're talking about here?
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