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Outlook information disclosure update?

I have an important security update on quite a few PCs that says:

"Vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook Could Allow Information Disclosure (2894514)"


I can't update it through F-Secure, I've pushed it through PDQ deploy, but it's still marked in F-Secure.


Any idea what's going on?


  • DmitriiEremin
    DmitriiEremin W/ Alumni Posts: 12 Security Scout



    Did you perform scan for missing updates again after you've pushed it through PDQ deploy?

    If some update has been found once, it will be in the missing updates list. And only new scanning session can remove this update from missing updates (only if vulnerability doesn't exist anymore).


    And why you can't update it through F-Secure? Any error on update?


    Best regards, Dmitrii.

  • turbosloth
    turbosloth W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout

    I have performed a scan after pushing the update. Through F-Secure it just hangs at "installation requested".

  • DmitriiEremin
    DmitriiEremin W/ Alumni Posts: 12 Security Scout

    Thanks for your reply.

    Unfortunately, if you still can see this update in the updates list after scan, it means that our missing patches detection engine still finds it. There can be a lot of options: from false posivitive detection (it is really rare situation, but who knows) to vulnerability still exists (if you have deployed this patch by yourself, it's really rare situation too). And a lot of options between these two.

    I would like to suggest you to run F-Secure diagnostic tool, run it, collect all needed information with logs and send a result archive to us. It will help me to say you what exactly went wrong without million of questions to you.



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