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F-Secure Radar - authenticated scanning

ToniTester W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout

Hi all,

our company is currently in eval phase for F-Secure Radar
and today we wanted to run authenticated scans to test the performance.

i made a scangroup and added a private /24 range of 255 Hosts for authed scanning.

To my surprise, i saw that i have no option to enter credentials for the whole group,
so at the moment i would have to manually edit all 255 hosts each to enter credentials.

I don't think that is the intended way, so maybe if theres a different option?
Please let me know, as currently i am not willing to manually edit 255 scans.

Any help and suggestions welcome,
thank you in advance.

Kind Regards,


  • DommS
    DommS W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout
    In RADAR, it is possible to enter credentials to all scan targets within the scan group with only couple clicks. Radar uses Scan Templates to define scan configuration (including credentials) and apply it to all scans within a group.
    In the main RADAR menu please find "Templates", then choose "Add system scan template" and create your own configuration template with credentials for authenticated scans.
    Once you are done with that, go to Vulnerability Scans (Group View), edit the scan group in question and choose the scanning template you have just created.
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