Dataguard: Allow Onedrive.exe access to personal files via exclution in profile

I'm testing Dataguard which is part of Premium. The only application that we have in our enviroment that needs access to personal folders is Onedrive for Business. I have excluded it manually on my machines when prompted, but I'm trying to figure out how I can do this via the profile, so the users don't need to do this when we roll out (for us and for our customers). 

Should I be able to do this with "%userprofile%\appdata\local\microsoft\onedrive\onedrive.exe" as a path under Dataguard->Access control list->Manually added trusted applications and folders.? It doesn't seem to work.


  • TerjeF
    TerjeF Posts: 5 Observer

    Thank you. It actually seems to work now. I have no idea what the problem really was then, I must have mistyped something.

    But: Am I correct that there is no place on the client side to see what exceptions are active?

  • fedool
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    Right, you cannot see or control Data Guard exclusions on client side - only on portal side.

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