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Easier for enduser to understand - The popup info/box shoud be within a big ? logo and the 'F-Secure

nmousedk2 W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout


This is for ewery F-Secure product. Safe, PSB what else.. !!!!

As subject...

One of my customer ask what this was, and i coud say thats all right..

- The enduser doesen´t know what exactly they have bought, thelogo is missing, and the word 'F-Secure'/logo is missing...

computer protection premium.png


I regned that coud be more understanding for enduser.



  • AndyF-PM
    AndyF-PM W/ Alumni Posts: 12 Junior Protector



    Thankyou for your feedback on this issue. We will investigate what we can do towards this.


    As the same dialog is used across several of our products, we will need to find a solution that works with each of them. It's not as simple as adding the F-Secure word, as we have partners on the consumer side of our business who have their own customizations which do not mention the F-Secure brand.


    Best Regards,






  • maaretp
    maaretp W/ Alumni Posts: 62 W/ Former Staff

    Hi, I noticed Andy already commented on this, but wanted to add my bit here. I've been part of designing this as it is and we have had this discussion and based on your feedback, will take another round of considering it.


    We have the F-Secure logo on the title bar, as well as the product name. They are very small compared to all the other elements we show, and we recognize the need of knowing which dialogs come from our software.


    Thanks for pointing this out so that we can revisit the design.


         Maaret, working on the PSB Computer Protection client R&D team

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