Windows 10 1703 update failes via Software Updater



Some Windows 10 1703 unable to install the latest MS update via Computer Protection Software updater, those failes. Any help?


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  • fedool
    fedool Posts: 162 WithSecure Employee

    One of updates requires reboot - maybe other updates are failing because reboot is pending?
  • DiAmi
    DiAmi Posts: 31 Enthusiast

    This is the same update that F-Secure downloads. F-Secure ask for reboot, and due to rebooting the update installation failes and so it happens every day.

  • fedool
    fedool Posts: 162 WithSecure Employee

    This update was released on May 14, 2019 and we did not see yet issues with it. Can you request remote fsdiag from this machine and send me it's id? we can check from logs what's wrong

  • DmitriiEremin
    DmitriiEremin Posts: 12 WithSecure Employee


    We checked your remote fsdiag and here what we've found: everytime this Windows update requires to reboot the end-point machine to complete the installation, but everytime after reboot Windows fails to complete the update's installation for some reason. You have multiple options:

    • Try to install this update manually. If it will be gone, then okay. If it won't, then it's a some problem with this update and with environment: thren try to check windows event logs and windows update logs
    • Also you can exclude this update via the Portal profile from the automatic installation to prevent a machine reboot every day. To exclude, you can use this rule: "BULLETIN=MS19-05-W10-4499181"
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