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Removing remaining Workstation Security (End of Life: March 2019)

SergeH W/ Partner, W/ Staff, W/ Product Leadership, W/ Article Coordinator Posts: 45 W/ Product Leadership

Workstation Security has been end of lifed in March 2019 and replaced by Computer Protection. However, Workstation Security has been so far kept operational even if not any more covered by our support. However, we are going to take the following steps to ensure that it is removed:


January 7th, 2020: If there are any Workstation Security left, a notification will be shown on PSB portal homepage. It will disappear once there are no Workstation Security devices left.


January 29th, 2020: Two actions have been performed:

- Disconnected Workstation Security devices will be automatically deleted from the portal.

So if a computer running the old Workstation Security does not connect for 30 days (soon to be changed to 14 days), it will be removed from the device list in PSB. It will not anymore be protected until Computer Protection software is installed.

- Installing new Workstation Security devices will prevented. Instead the Computer Protection software should be installed

Note 1: All active installations of Workstation Security will remain unaffected.

Note 2: This change applies to Windows Workstation Security, and also to 

old version of MAC Workstation Security (that have reached end of life). 


Q2 2020: The backend services which support Workstation Security and Server Security  products will be shut down. Therefore the remaining devices with end-of-lifed products will stop being protected.

Note: Server Security wil be end of lifed in February 2020 and replaced by the new  Server Protection (see Server Protection migration). 


We recommend that Workstation Security software is upgraded pro-actively. 


How can I force the computers to upgrade?

  • Install the Computer Protection client again on the computer. It will automatically sidegrade the old Workstation Security client. Note that if you install with MSI, a special MSI package should be run first for sidegrading as explained in Help Center.


Why certain computers have not upgrade?

We see a small percentage of computers that are connected but fails to upgrade.

There are a number of possible causes:

  • Missing software updates: We noticed that computers displaying a lot of missing critical security update are sometimes not updating. This is typically resolved by installing the missing security update by for example selecting the computers in the device list and using the remote action "install software updates", then rebooting and then installing more updates (repeat if needed).
  • No free disc space: Your computer needs to have at least 600MB of free disc space to properly upgrade. After freeing disc space, you need to install the Computer Protection client again.
  • Reboot pending: In some cases, the new client will only be installed after re-boot (as it does not trigger the re-boot). Starting or re-starting the computer will solve the problem.
  • Unsupported Operating Systems: Old Operating Systems not supported by Computer Protection such as Windows XP or Vista will obviously not be migrated and still use WorkStation Security. Supported OS are listed in our Help Center. We strongly recommend to upgrade the Operating System to a supported version.


  • PetriKuikka
    PetriKuikka W/ Member Posts: 236 Threat Terminator



    just a quick note that we will start nagging from 7th of January to those customers, who still have the EOL PSB Workstation Security devices in their account. And then on 29th of January we will automatically remove all the old Workstation Security devices that haven't communicated in last 14 days.


    At the same time on 29th of January, we will block all new installations for PSB Workstation Security, but existing active devices keep working normally.


    PSB Team

  • PhilStanton
    PhilStanton W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Junior Protector

    "Q2 2020: The backend services which support Workstation Security and Server Security  products will be shut down."


    Can we get a more accurate date than this?
    Q2 2020 could be any time from April 1st to June 30th, and we have customers asking for some more clarity on this.

  • AndyF-PM
    AndyF-PM W/ Alumni Posts: 12 Junior Protector
    Unfortunately, for operational reasons, we cannot give a more precise schedule at this time. Customers still using Workstation Security or Server Security are strongly advised to migrate to their newer counterpart products as soon as possible, to avoid any break in service coverage.
  • AndyF-PM
    AndyF-PM W/ Alumni Posts: 12 Junior Protector
    Further information: Once we have decided a date, we will communicate that date one month in advance. We will also announce this in the Portal itself, as well as through the Community.
  • PetriKuikka
    PetriKuikka W/ Member Posts: 236 Threat Terminator

    We have moved further communication of the Workstation Security and Server Security end of life to new thread at