Antivirus deleteing teamviewer .exe file cannot exclude.



here is my problem. Our client has a bussiness app, and support for that app uses teamviewer version 6.

They have it posten on their website for clients to download. 


Clients employees ofcourse redownload the exe everytime (because shortcust dont exist i guess). But even with that i have a weird one.


Antivirus always deletes the file. And i mean always, i added exclusion for wildcard include string, i added exclusion for folder pats (system variable for downloads folder). Nothing worked on version 13.00 policy manager.


I upgraded to v 14.20 because i know there were so changes to exclusions. Added a hash of the exe file, excluded for all and still blocking.


So what more can i do to get this old program to work??? Yeah employees redownload it every time and i dont want to go explain to everyone how to use a computer so gotta make this happen somehow.


Thank you for help.


Regards, Dejan


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