How do I block a smartphone on PSB

Hi, I would like to know how can I block smartphones via USB port from config profiles in the PSB portal web. 


thanks in advance. 


  • JamesC
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    Hi Carlos2285

    To block/disable mobile phone via Device Control from PSB web portal, you need to block the following device classes.


    Please add a device access rule as below, and let me know if it works:


    Display name: Mobile Phone storage
    HardwareID: USB\Class_FF
    Access level: Blocked


    Repeat this rule with the below mentioned device classes to block all smart phones:


    HardwareID: USB\Class_00
    HardwareID: USB\Class_08
    HardwareID: USB\Class_02
    HardwareID: USB\Class_EF

  • carlos2285
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    Hi dude, first of all I want to say thanks you for your help, the specifics port that you gave me It doesn´t work but you showed me a path, so... I make some proves with specifics ports in my notebook and its work so good that even my usb mouse can not by conected jajaja, any way Im still looking for a solution. 

  • JamesC
    JamesC Posts: 458 Moderator

    Hi Carlos


    I suggest to use the hardware ID of a USB mobile device by checking the device properties in Windows Device Manager, then block the access under Device control on PSB profile.

    Using Windows Device Manager to get Hardware ID:

    1. Open Control Panel > Device Manager.
    2. Select the desired device from the tree.
    3. Right-click the device, and select Properties. The Properties dialog opens.
    4. Go to the Details tab.
    5. There are following properties with IDs:
      1. Hardware IDs
      2. Compatible IDs
      3. Device class GUID
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