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Identifying computers within an organization that are not protected by F-Secure

maaretp W/ Alumni Posts: 62 W/ Former Staff

Some of our partners are interested in identifying computers within their organizations that are not protected by F-Secure PSB solution. We have developed a simple PowerShell script for easing this task. It could be downloaded from the link below:


What the script does is that it enumerates all enabled computer objects from an Active Directory and then queries each of them via a WMI protocol. The result is stored as a CSV-file with a list of computers and corresponding protection statuses.


The script file itself contains all the details and help instructions which could be accessed either with any text editor or with the following PowerShell command:

Get-Help .\Get-FsProtectionStatus.ps1 -Detailed


Please kindly share with us any feedback on this script so we could improve it further or develop other ways to solve the task.


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   the R&D team responsible for Windows Endpoint Development