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Only obsolote advice found for ensuring F-Secure PSB and Teamviewer compatibility.

etomcat W/ Alumni Posts: 1,172 Firewall Master



Please re-open and amend the following forum item:


We urgently need up-to-date and actionable guidance concerning the co-existance of latest versions of F-Secure PSB (CP 19.1) and the Teamviewer remote access service (version 15.1)


We need to prevent problems like very slow Windows login on domain-attached computers and black screen appearing for a long time during the login.


Thanks in advance, Yours Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.


  • etomcat
    etomcat W/ Alumni Posts: 1,172 Firewall Master

    Dear Sirs,


    We've just learned that the slow login problem with F-Secure PSB CP19.9 is caused by protection behaviour differences versus older and newer "TeamViewer Host Setup" remote desktop software editons:


    Version 14.1.9025: Works OK alongside F-Secure PSB CP 19.9


    Version 15.1.3937 (current edition, usually upgraded from version 14):
    Slow login problem occurs whenever F-Secure PSB real-time protection is enabled. At least 1 min delay with a black screen when logging in locally or 2 minutes when logging in remotely.


    Please note: these "Teamviewer Host" corporate software packages are different from the "ordinary" Teamviewer client edition.


    It would be nice if F-Secure Lab analysts could centrally and finally fix the FSAV PSB CP 19.9 versus Teamviewer Host 15.1 incompatibility problem, because adding the remote access starter file among "Excluded objects" and "Excluded processes" lists in F-Secure doesn't t solve the problem.


    If you wish to engage, please check F-Secure support ticket number xxxxxxxx as it has a lot of material uploaded.


    Thanks in advance, Yours Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.


    EDIT: Removed case number

  • MonikaL
    MonikaL W/ Alumni Posts: 206 W/ Former Staff

    Hi Tamas,


    Thanks for the post. We checked and found out that fsamsi is loaded into the TeamViewer process as seen from the procmon logs shared by the customer. It might be that TeamViewer started to use such a mechanism starting from version 15 and this activity looks suspicious for the antivirus engine so additional checks are taking place.


    As the TeamViewer is trusted software by the customer, adding its path to the exclusion list looks like a logical decision to prevent these extra scans.

    However our team is still checking on this and we will update you back on how it goes.


    Could you please let us know what is the output after making the exclusion. You can continue replying in the ticket. We are waiting for the debug logs from the customer so that our support team can look into it and the labs team will then work to provide a permanent fix to this.



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