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Changing Subscription key through Command line

sirkdotCS W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout

Is there a utility to change the subscription key f-secure computer protection is using through windows CLI? 


  • MonikaL
    MonikaL W/ Alumni Posts: 206 W/ Former Staff

    Hi sirkdotCS,

    The fs_oneclient_logout tool allows you to log out from Computer Protection so that you can re-enter the subscription key to connect a device to the correct company in the management portal.


    This command-line tool removes the current subscription from Computer Protection and returns the software to its initial state, before a subscription key was used.


    To use the tool:


    1. Download the fs_oneclient_logout tool from
    2. Open a command prompt with administrator privileges
    3. Run the tool in the command prompt
    To log out and register to F-Secure PSB Portal automatically, run \fs_oneclient_logout.exe --keycode . Computer Protection will log out and start using the subscription key that you entered immediately.
    To remove the current subscription key, run \fs_oneclient_logout.exe --nokeycode. Computer Protect will stop working and asks you to enter a new subscription key manually when you open the main view of the application.

    If the tool runs successfully, it returns 0 as the result. In other cases, for example if the network is unavailable or you enter an incorrect subscription key, Computer Protection will stay in the "expired" state and asks you enter the new subscription key manually.


    Note: Since PSB Computer Protection installations are portal specific, you can only change the subscription key if both the old and new key belong to the same PSB Portal. This means that if the original installation has been performed with the PSB1 installation file, you cannot enter a subscription key belonging to PSB4.



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