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Freedom for Business reactivation

DejarIT W/ Partner Posts: 4 Junior Protector

Hi. I have a PSB license with one Freedom for Business subscription included. I installed and used the product on my IPhone last year . 

This subscription expired a few months ago, but now it is active again.

However I'm not able to reactivate the subscription on my iPhone.

I delete the application from my iPhone (both App and data), remove the device from the PSB Portal, add a new device on PSB Portal with the same email address and iPhone number as the previous device.

I received the email, reinstalled the App on iPhone, but now when I click on the "Activate for IOS" link in the email, the App simply open the start page, and if I try to Activate the protection (VPN), it tells me the subscription is expired.

Could you show me the right procedure to reactivate the subscription on the iPhone? Thanks


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