Linux Security 64 memory usage

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We upgraded to Linux Security 64 and notice a high memory usage.

Each server has 11 big processes(/opt/f-secure/baseguard/bin/fsicapd) consuming from 600Mb to 1.5Gb memory.

Is there a way to control these processes?


  • bryan441
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    Hello! @Donovan

    May I know which country you are located in, then I can give you the correct support department number.

    Bryan Anderson

  • MonikaL
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    Hi Donovan,

    We would require the diagnostic information from the affected machine to check the scenario. Please provide this information to support, and we will investigate further.

    Please get in touch with our support team here in order to troubleshoot further on this.

    Best regards,


  • Donovan
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    Meanwhile I had contact with f-secure support, and delivered the the diagnostic information to them.

    Seems we have to live with the extra memory consumption😪.

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