Disable firewall in client security for Mac (v14)

How can we disable/uninstall/rid off the firewall component in client security for Mac?

We don't want to use f-secure's firewall at all.

In policy manager the mac client is discovered and communicates well with the policy manager.

We disabled the firewall in pm (Settings/Mac/General), and distributed the policy but the client ignores it and reports at the status tab in pm that the firewall is enabled.


  • JamesC
    JamesC Posts: 458 Moderator

    Hi Stmarti

    Are you trying to get rid of the firewall notifications? Or just simply disabling the firewall completely ?

    There is no f-secure firewall in the Client Security, it is control for the macOS firewall. So if it reported as enabled, it means macOS firewall is enabled. 

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