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Old scheduled web reports?

Askoik W/ Alumni Posts: 27 Security Scout

I've been receiving HTML-reports weekly from my Policy Manager via email. If I remember correct, I scheduled those already years ago into Web Reporting.

Now I tried first time this new PMC 15.01 Web Reporting and I'm surpised that "Schedules" list is empty, but I'm still receiving those old reports. Is the old web reporting in some other URL, or why the list is empty? I now added one scheduled report to be sent to me every tuesday. Let's see, if I get the old and the new report next tuesday.

Another question, whose idea was to choose blue, blue and blue as coloring theme for this? Yes, I found that elements get "bolded" while hovering over them with mouse, but I'd like to get also human readable screenshots from reporting system.

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  • Askoik
    Askoik W/ Alumni Posts: 27 Security Scout

    Here is also an example of these old reports, which I'm receiving weekly. Where does this come from?

  • Askoik
    Askoik W/ Alumni Posts: 27 Security Scout

    Thanks, there I can finetune my old scheduled reports. I now compared the old and new web reporting. From the old I found 34 different reports, which are nicely sorted under different categories, where from I have scheduled these 3 to be delivered into my email every tuesday:

    Alerts > History > Alerts (week)

    Virus protection > Infections > New infections details

    Host properties > Communication > Latest connection to server

    From the new reporting I found only 12 reports. Any of them does not include the data I'm receiving from old system with above mentioned reports. Of course something very old can be dropped, when creating something new, but now I feel they dropped all good old reports.  :-( I hope, they support that old reporting at :8085 still many years.

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