Question regarding Alert Sending

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We have configured Alert Sending from our Policy Manager Console (15.10.94031) to an email address where IT support can view the alerts generated from the endpoints running CS 15.10 Premium. The problem is that after upgrading the Policy Manager Console from version 14.x to 15.10 and the CS endpoints from 14.22 (standard) to 15.10 (premium) we are having issues with the alerts generated from device control USB blocking rule, we have blocked USB devices in the previous version of Policy Manager Console (14.10) and we had alerts the first time the rule got applied and when a USB was plugged-in in a device where this rule was active, but now after upgrading to Policy Manager Console 15.10 Premium and CS 15.10 Premium the alerts don't stop coming even if no USB device is plugged-in the PC.

Is there a bug that we don't know about in the latest version or is something else?


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