Invalid content type for recordings file when saving web scan setting


I have configured a web scan with F-Secure radar for our web application using Polymer JavaScript framework (utilizing Shadow DOM). Since the F-Secure Radar Web recorder does not seem to support web sites using shadow dom i recorded the login process with fiddler.

I saved the login-traffic captured by Fiddler in a .saz file and added it to F-Secure radar configuration of the web scan (Step 1).

On the last step when I try to save the web scan then i get an error: "Invalid content type for recordings file"

The content of the *.saz file is this

What have I done wrong. Anybody that can share a working recording by Fiddler so I can compare the results?


  • JamesC
    JamesC Posts: 458 Moderator

    Hi Johan

    We do support conversion from the fiddler file. Conversion is handled by Radar Security Center.

    I suggest to submit a support case, so we can escalate to our product developers.

    If the page is public and you can send us those problematic recordings, that would be best .

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