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Hi there,

there is the possibility to check access denied site list report after set-up an URL filtering on the endpoint?

thank you

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    Hello MarkITSpec,

    You can run support tool locally on the client machine, or remotely from PM console, find in collected archive the file basic\settings.txt, and then locate common.sites.list strings in it. They contain both trusted and disallowed sites configured for this machine. Example:

    common.sites.enabled: true

    common.sites.list.0.allowed: true

    common.sites.list.0.label: ""

    common.sites.list.0.url: "test1.com"

    common.sites.list.1.allowed: false

    common.sites.list.1.label: ""

    common.sites.list.1.url: "test2.com"

    In this example test1.com is trusted, test2.com is disallowed.

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