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Hi, Everyone!

I'm having problems getting the kind of reports I expect out of the software updater. Things such as; can I easily report "by host" rather than "by update"..

I have searched through the support site. Looks like not much attention is going on with this. Notification emails; I'm seeing an API may be available, SQL syntax --

So here's my question to the community; in light of underwhelming reporting -- what are you folks doing for software updater reports? Praying that the tool is working as advertised and ignoring reporting? Writing your own reports somehow? Waiting for a future release?

Thanks for taking the time to read and reply!

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  • A_Grinkevitch
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    Hi, SDavis,

    It fully depends on your needs. Web reporting has 4 default reports:

    • Newly discovered software updates
    • Top missing security updates
    • All missing updates
    • Installed software updates

    In addition to that using the Policy Manager Console you can create Data Mining queries and publish them as custom reports for the Web reporting.




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